Five Swords

Reviewed Five Swords online.
A few hundred Five Swords, tried to make it a continuous series.
Really concerned about a 1-2 combo here, I feel as if I am trading two arms for one here.


Day 1 – back at it! – OJ – triggered salute.

Well, so a buddy of mine had some sort of altercation. I didn’t get details. And he’s looking to get some exercise, and pick up self defense. He’s dropped in our other sessions before but really never kept it up.

I decided to start him on a striking based art rather than Jiu Jitsu. His size… he just needs to land on good shot and the fight is over. So best to work with his natural ability and go from here. Honestly, I need to get back at it too. Gonna close our this OJ belt before Christmas. I want an excuse for a new gi🙂

We spent about 15 min working some basic footwork drills. Left step, right, forward and backward. Largely borrowed form muay thai drills.

From there I had to him work his jab, then cross. Covering the concepts of conrtadictory motion. Once he was beat up from punches, we went into a basic snap kick. Then snap kick to sword hand. Covering marriage of gravity.

After about 30 minutes of pad work and a refining basics. I talked finer points of feet planting and motion. Kenpo vs Boxing/MT vs Jiu Jitsu thoughts on the strategy. I pushed him to work on his toes, if only for more exercise for now.

Closed off working two techniques. Delayed sword and then triggerd salute.

I added Triggered salute rather than another yellow belt move honestly, just to practice for myself.

Thoughts were mainly I can’t keep his punches straight, still wobbly. Can’t get him to really ” follow though” his his knife hand in delayed sword. Otherwise I would call that a perfect day 1 for anyone. Plan is to meet Wednesday again.

Basic plan is to do the same thing next week.