Yard trainin’

We trained in the yard today. A lot of folks walking up to watch. A little bit.. embarrassing.

Today we put an hour in on –
Triggered Salute
Clutching feathers
Lone Kimono
Glancing Salute
Crossing Talon
Gift of Destruction

+35 minute jog.

Jogging + OJ belt stuff

We already know every OJ belt move at this point.Having done them all to varying degree. Now I need to get thm memorized by name, clean up off sides.

Went for a jog and worked out, outside today with buddy. 26 techniques in OJ belt. We’re hoping to do 4 a weekend. So 12 weeks and Ill be ready to test.

Today 10 minutes back and forward reps of triggered salute, then 10 more minutes of Clutching feathers. Plus 20+ something minutes of watching Geoff’s vidoes.

Working My Kicks and working on my kitchen

Was training today at my gym and a buddy ran up and dropped a standing straight choke on me and I went straight into alternating maces. I thought that was funny.

Over all two things are still stopping me from testing out of yellow right now.
1) My kitchen is getting work done, so the home gym is going to be a staging area for most of summer.
2) My kicks are not there yet.

Working on those kicks every chance I get. I’d say I am about 50% accurate with them now, and maintaining my balance maybe 80% of the time on my strong side and 50% on my weak. Nothing belt worthy.

I am probably forgetting the techniques. But I lost my area to train them. But I am sure a week or two of strong review before testing out should do it.




Core Strength Improving, back on track

Seeing improvements in balance, although I would hardly call my kicks “dangerous” landing these would be annoying but hardy any impact on the outcome of a fight or even to setup an escape. My punching power is years ahead of my kicking.

That said I am opening my workouts back up to include the Kenpo techniques, since I am forgetting them!

Anyhow, a dozen of the kicking set on both sides.
30 minutes of leg and core stretching misc. exercises.
Reviewed half a dozen OJ belts moves.

So plan is review one Kenpo move a day for the next 20 something days, while continuing to work core strength. Then by end of June, try and do everything from memory and send in a demo to see how I am doing.

I also heard there is a American Kenpo school about an hour drive from here. I was thinking of poking my head in to see it in person. Not planning on leaving my gym or anything. But just for fun.





Weekend Workout Went OKay

So not really doing the blog thing anymore since I have roadblocked on the kicks. Spent a month doing drills, jogging, squats and kettle bells trying to build up the core strength to get my kicks better. A few months now into this kicking set and I finally landed it on both sides, sequentially without stumbling! yay

That is hardly reward worthy. It just means I didn’t hurt myself. But shows improvement.

Still Chugging Along

Thought I would toss up an update. I am working the kicking set daily, 10 on each side when I get up. Plus normal training. Just not showing improvements on balance.I probably fall 50% of the time. Added kettle bells, band, and slowed down. Still no improvements. Giving this another month, and I might just give up at that point.

Today I worked Crashing Wings a lot for no real reason other than I forgot the step through footwork. Some bag work, then called it.


Balance issues!

Working on core strength trying to get these kicking sets down. So far no luck. Still laughably poor balance. Talked to Geoff and he gave me some direction. I get the feeling he thinks I am being critical of myself, but ehh.. no. Its bad.