Dance of Death Drills

Drilled Dance of Death about 50 times. Will do it some more tomorrow.

1) falling right into the guillotine
2) partner is able to turn their hips and step back faster than I can slam through
3) falling with my partner.

What I am finding is convertning this from a “foot ball player slam” to a traditional single leg pick is giving more takedown power, reduces risk of the knee and the guillotine.


Back at it! Took some time off with a couple minor injuries and wife out with minor surgery. Came back today with two hours of drilling Kicking Set 1 variation. Exhausting. Not sure how I am going to fit in kicking set 1 into my garage for filming.

more to come!

Corrections and Kicking Set

So I was having a lazy night. I knew I should be out in the garage working a bag or something. Got hit pretty hard on Thursday and have not been in the “striking” mood since. But then I got an email from Geoff giving me some notes on my YouTube videos. Soo.. forces of the universe came together.

  1. Light stretching
  2. I did 10 minutes worth of kicking set 1 (so tired)
  3. And drill 20 cross talons on each side, going VERy slow adding corrections to get my. Waiters hand in place. I am reaching too soon in my motions.
  4. Free style kicking of the bob for a while.


Working DVD 2 more…

Worked every move in DVD 2 and then spent 40 minutes working a bag. Ready to test out to OJ. Just need to take the time and film it all. Just that is SOOO boring. 🙂

Also going to move my blog to a single place I am thinking. Not sure yet.